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“Emerging Alliance is the most promising SAP Business One Providers of ERP for the manufacturing industry in India. SAP Business One prices in India were very affordable, we were able to seamlessly integrate our entire business functions. The SAP technology has truly changed our business for better.”

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“SAP Business One and the sap solutions has put us in control of our business. Approaching Emerging Alliance sap company, the leading SAP Business One service providers in Chennai has given us tremendous visibility into our stocks & inventory. We can now understand where we make and lose money in our business.”

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“Thanks to the best ERP solution providers and sap partners, their SAP Business One Analytics has helped us see how customers sales orders are effecting our required production quantities in real-time and better plan our inventory requirements.”

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“SAP B1, the genius sap solution, has many features and functionality to provide the control that executives and key account managers are looking for, the system does this through workflow, mail, alerts, approvals, authorizations, restrictions, configurations, mobility solutions, and system logs. Emerging Alliance SAP business one partners in Chennai are one of the best SAP […]

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“With SAP B1, analytics, we are experiencing significant speed and performance improvements when it comes to reporting. With sap technology from one of the finest SAP B1 providers, we can now run key reports without stressing our transactional system.”

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“Emerging Alliance, hands down are the best ERP solution provider in Chennai. Their SAP solution, SAP Business One provides powerful database functionality that allows us to spend less time chasing down information and more time providing our customers with the services and support they need.”

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“Reporting from the large database no longer impacts our transactional system – it is 10 times faster. The SAP technology is truly a game-changer. So glad we chose to do this with the foremost SAP B1 providers.”

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“Improving data consistency and efficiency in the company was a dream until SAP Business One came along. This elite SAP technology has helped us in ensuring data consistency of master data across all companies. We would love to continue doing business with Emerging Alliance, the finest ERP provider in Chennai.”

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“SAP Business One has utterly lived up to our expectations. We would definitely and will recommend this genius ERP Solution and SAP technology to anyone in the industry.”

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“Emerging Alliance, the major SAP B1 service providers came up with something we didn’t know we needed. SAP Business One, delivers useful information to help us make the right business decisions and that is really the essential point. SAP ERP application is a powerful management tool.”

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